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“Battenkill Brittle is the perfect snack to give you that necessary energy boost for any and all active endeavors. It is light, just a little sweet and tastes great!”

Battenkill Brittle

Battenkill Crumble

Battenkill Cookies

Make your wedding day stand out.

Give your guests a taste of Vermont! Battenkill Brittle is perfect as a wedding favor for Welcome Bags.

Photo courtesy of West Mountain Inn

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Battenkill Brittle… Instant Energy That Lasts!

Battenkill Brittle is the perfect snack!

  • Gives you that necessary energy boost for any and all active endeavors (cycling, hiking, sports, working out, yoga, etc.)

  • Is a great pick-me-up for that afternoon office slump

  • Great as an in-between class snack

Our crumble will add “oomph” to your breakfast!

  • Makes your yogurt go much farther in the morning

  • Adds protein to your oatmeal or salad

  • Use it as a topping on waffles or pancakes to give you added nutrition

  • Perfect for backpackers to use both at breakfast and as an energy snack

  • and for pure delight, sprinkle it on ice cream!