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“Battenkill Brittle gets me through my toughest farming days!”
— Lisa MacDougal, Mighty Food Farm, Pownal, VT

What is Battenkill Brittle?

Battenkill Brittle is the perfect snack! Gives you that necessary energy boost for any and all active endeavors (cycling, hiking, sports, working out, yoga, etc.); is a great pick-me-up for that afternoon office slump; great as an in-between class snack. Battenkill Brittle Crumble will add oomph to your breakfast! It makes your yogurt go much farther in the morning, adds
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New in the Battenkill Brittle Store

You can now get Battenkill Brittle and Battenkill Brittle Crumble in cases of 12 for a discounted price through our on-line store. We have also lowered the prices on bulk Brittle and Crumble. Not often that prices get lowered instead of raised! Battenkill Brittle will stay good in your cabinet for at least 3 months or even longer if kept
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Time to Hit the Trail

What better way to beat the heat than to hit the mountains where the nights are always cool? Battenkill Brittle Crumble is the perfect food to take backpacking. You can put it on oatmeal to add much needed protein to start your day. Spoon some to your favorite yogurt for sustained energy that lasts. You can snack on it as you
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