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Leslie Kielson began making Battenkill Brittle in Southern Vermont in the summer of 2010.

In search of an energy bar that wasn’t loaded with sugar and that actually gave you long-lasting energy, I started experimenting.

My wife and I took this experiment on a 7-day bicycle trip through northern Vermont and were amazed at how just a small amount powered us up the many Vermont hills. After testing it on friends and family, Battenkill Brittle was born.

It can now be found in almost 200 stores around New England and New York. I am so thrilled to be making clean, healthy, delicious food that supports our local Vermont economy and sustains all of you as it does us!

The Battenkill Brittle “facility” is a small commercial kitchen in the basement of our solar-powered log house. Battenkill Brittle and all our products are made and packaged almost entirely by hand. I do all the baking with the help of two assistants.

My wife, Liz (not the Battenkill Brittle Liz!), and I live on what you might call a small farm with our dog, Ruby and our 3 sheep. We have a huge vegetable garden where we grow much of our own food, canning and freezing lots to eat all winter long. Our sheep, Sadie, Ella and Faleece, completed the picture in the spring of 2014. Now they are part of the family, taking naps on the porch, eating the grass and giving us pounds and pounds of beautiful wool.