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Earth Friendly 2017-05-25T18:06:15+00:00

At Battenkill Brittle, we are extremely committed to doing the least amount of harm to our planet as possible.

We are so excited that we are now solar-powered!

In addition, we are virtually zero waste. We produce 1 small bag of garbage every 6 weeks! Everything else get reused, composted, recycled or burned – seeds bags become packaging material, plastic bags get recycled or reused by Seal Harbor Rug Company, cardboard boxes get reused for shipping, parchment paper gets burned, five gallon pails get donated to local farms.

I also “harvest” cardboard boxes whenever possible for shipping and buy additional boxes that use recycled paper. The leftover crumbs after the Brittle and Crumble are packaged get used in our cookies and/or donated to Meals on Wheels.

So in addition to knowing that you are taking care of your body, you can be assured that Battenkill Brittle is also good for the planet. Enjoy guilt-free!