We cannot keep Battenkill Brittle yogurt parfait cups in stock in our student center.

Yogurt, fresh fruit and Battenkill Brittle Crumble is the ultimate combination and students go crazy for it.  We also strive to have as many locally produced products as possible, so Battenkill Brittle fits the bill.  We love Battenkill Brittle!

– Nick Disordia, Bennington College, Bennington, VT

I am an avid backpacker and very careful about what food I pack.

Battenkill Brittle definitely makes the cut! I can add it to my oatmeal giving me that much needed protein in the morning and then also snack on it during  the day.  It is amazing how much energy you get from just an ounce – a very critical factor when you are carrying everything on your back!

– Tom Clark, Salem, OR

I have a landscape design business and do manual labor all day.

The energy bars I used to eat would do very little when my blood sugar drops. Now I eat Battenkill Brittle every day. Just one piece gives me a steady, sustaining energy, so much so that I sometimes forget about lunch. Battenkill Brittle has really been a lifesaver!

– Liz Miller, Sunderland, VT

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